Medio Style Natural Topped Box (#5251) in Pippy Oak.

Should people who work in wood have a favourite wood? If so this  is certainly my favourite wood. Pippy Oak (AKA ‘Tiger’s Paw Oak) of this quality is, I have discovered, very rare which means that I am full of trepidation when I cut into it. Who wants to ‘mess up’ a block of this quality – and I do mess up, albeit occasionally.  I hope you like this block as much as I do and what, in this case, I have done with it.

On the upper  level I have created a useful little drawer, which can be used outside the box. The  lifter has  its own cave and hidey hole? Lift the unit out to access the very useful ‘secret’ drawer on the lower level.

Size: 8.5″ x 4″x 4″.

There is no charge for an inscription on the base.