Ladybirds (#5228)

The 2021 ‘Critter’ Collection. Box #5228.

Medio Style Box – Elm Burr – Ladybirds clusters

Another “loveliness” of Ladybirds shelter in the folds of this exquisite lid – just look at the pippy markings on the flat surface between the Critters. Lynn Hazel seems to enjoy making Ladybirds and I love seeing them located in the lids. Lift the curved inner lid and you will find two compartments, one with a nested tray and another consisting of a tray and small drawer. Cutting this box was particularly challenging because of the deep fold in the top – it would have been very easy to have messed it up!

Size: 8” x 3.5” x 4.5”

There is no charge for an inscription on the base.