Honey Bees and Comb (#5220)

The 2021 ‘Critter’ Collection. Box #5220.

Medio Style Box – Elm Burr – Honey Bees and Comb.

Three honey – bees on a box lid cannot be called, collectively, a hive, nest, cluster, rabble, swarm, but bike, charm, erst, game, hum, grist might do (all collective nouns for bees, apparently). I will go for “charm’ because I think Lynn Hazel’s honey-bees are simply charming. These little bees have settled on a particularly rough looking lid which, when it is removed, exposes the most intricate figuring on the inner lids. There are, as you can see, two compartments, one with a tray and drawer, the other with a lift out tray.

Size; 8” x 4” x 5”

There is no charge for an inscription on the base.