Grass Snake (#5373)

The 2021 Critter Collection. Box #5373

Medio Style Box in Elm Burr – Grass Snake.

Even Ophidiophobes  will admire Lynn Hazel’s skill in creating this eye-catching  Grass Snake – although you might not want it sitting on your desk or dressing table. On the other hand if you like snakes, or know somebody who does, you might want to buy this lovely  box and its Serpentine Guardian.

The convoluted  figuring on the lid, typical of this type of Elm Burr, provides a fitting context  for Lynn’s snake. Internally, in addition to the useful lift out tray and drawer, is a small compartment, deep enough for a small bottle of snake oil – or whatever!

Size: 8″ x 4″ x 4″

We do not charge for inscriptions on the base.