Asymmetrical Medio Style Box in Spalted Beech (#5595)

I like the asymmetrical shape of this box because of the way it emphasises the darker area of the Spalted Beech top. The  wood I have used in this box was part of a very large ‘log’ I bought at a wood show near Norwich. I really enjoyed watching the  timber guy  slice it for me on his milling machine exposing, as he did so, some of the most beautiful two tone figuring I have ever seen in this type of wood.

If you look carefully at the inner tray you can see that I have used the darker area as the tray’s ‘lifter’. It would have been such a pity to have cut it out.

Please remember that the lift out tray and ‘surprise’ drawer are designed to be used separately from the main box.

Size: 8.5″ x 3″ x 3″

There is no charge for an inscription on the base