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Paul Martin’s Hand Made Revolution

paulmartinRay appeared on this BBC2 programme in October 2012, although the shoot took place at the Jinny Ring Craft Centre near Bromsgrove in the August.

There were 10 programmes in the series, each featuring 5 “competitors”. Ray appeared in number 5. He didn’t ‘win’ but did enjoy meeting the other competitors and seeing how a such a programme is made. Ray thinks it is a pity , that such informative and education shows have to have a competitive element, but that’s show biz!

The prize for the winner on the day was an opportunity to sell their work in the shop at the Victoria and Albert Museum for a month. Whilst Ray was disappointed not to have won, he was pleased that he hadn’t when he found out that the V and A had a mark-up of over 75%. Ray would have had to charge about £200 in order not to lose money on a box he would normally sell for £50. Although Ray’s boxes are very desirable he would not expect to sell a £50 box for £200, even to rich tourists.

Ray was, it has to be said, disappointed with the quality of the interviewing. It was clear very early on in the process that the chap interviewing him knew nothing about wood and did not appear to know what to ask. Ray then ‘took control’ of the interview and made sure that what he wanted to say about his work got said!

Ray was very gratified by the number of people who, having seen the programme, thought he should have won. See what you think the next time the series is broadcast.