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Bloomin' Clever Boxes

Bloomin’ Clever boxes are inventive, bespoke wooden boxes which are cut on a multi-level band saw, and designed with a jigsaw-style where the boxes slot together in unique ways.

Despite appearances they are not puzzle boxes, although people who like puzzle or ‘magic’ boxes often buy them. They are actually designed to put things in, not to keep people out! They can be used for small objects such as jewellery, keepsakes etc. or as a source of interest and fun. Anyone who appreciates beautiful wood and quality craftsmanship will enjoy owning one of Ray’s boxes.

Ray and Kathy continue to be surprised at the uses people find for their “Bloomin’ Clever Boxes”: fishing flies, antique fountain pens, an art deco cufflink collection, magicians’ props, pets’ ashes, memento mori, a tiny silver model train, pens and pencils, 25 tiny gifts for a Silver Wedding Present, an etrog (look it up!)

In short a “Bloomin clever Box” is the ideal gift for Christenings, Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Barmitzvahs and for that person who simply “has everything”. Read about the types of wood used for the boxes.

The 2021 ‘Critter’ Collection

Photography by Liva Paseka: Website | Facebook

Critter boxes

In the gallery above you can see a new selection of “Critter Boxes’ – a collaboration between Ray and wildlife sculptor Lynn Hazell. Ray creates the box and Lyn provides a ‘critter’ to occupy a natural hole, recess, scoop, depression, fold or fissure in the wood. A number of new “Critter Boxes” are on sale in the Online shop.

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How to Buy a Bloomin’ Clever Box

We have a selection of our Bloomin’ Clever boxes available in our Online Shop. All our products are made in Derbyshire, by Ray and Kathy, from UK sourced hardwoods. Postage costs for the boxes is £5 for UK delivery.
If you would like to commission a bespoke product, please get in touch.


Left: Look closely at the boxes in the Online shop and you will realise that I am obsessed with figuring in timber. This Collage consists of 35 of the ‘best bits’ of figuring from most of the collection of boxes currently in stock. If you look closely you might be able to figure out which boxes they come from – Ray

Bloomin’ Clever Boxes in action

Primo Boxes
6″ x 3″ x 3″
Cost £30 – £45
The innards of the box have to be withdrawn to access the hidden drawer. This is not entirely obvious when you open the box.

The Cube
4″ x 4″ x 4″
Cost £45 – £75
All cubes have an internal key, a sliding top, inner lid and ‘secret drawer’. Our best selling boxes without a doubt. Some Bigger Cubes have two trays and a ‘secret drawer’.

Grande Boxes
Up to 8″ x 4″ x 4″
Cost £100 – £250
All the ‘Grande’ boxes have two end keys, a sliding lid and ‘secret’ drawer. The internal configuration varies from box to box, as does the level of complexity. Each ‘Grande’ box is unique.

Natural Tops
Varied size
Cost £75 – £400+
A ‘Marmite Box’ in many ways.
People either like them a lot, or not at all. All or part of the box is left natural and unfinished – a juxtaposition of the rough and smooth.

Temima Crafts – Making a Bloomin’ Clever Box (detailed video).
Original, unusual & intriguing, “Bloomin’ Clever Boxes” are individually hand-crafted in the UK by Temima Crafts, from sustainably sourced hardwoods.

Temima Crafts – Bandsaw box in one minute!
‘How to make a bandsaw box in one minute’ Ray, the ‘Bloomin’ Clever Box’ man shows you how.