About Temima Crafts

Unique wooden boxes

Ray and Kathy Sylvester established Temima Crafts in 1995 after taking early retirement from teaching. Over the years they have designed, made and sold a range of products, many combining wood and textiles.

Since 2003 Temima Crafts has become associated with increasingly intricate multi level band saw cut wooden boxes. These are now sold as Bloomin’ Clever Boxes.

The name appeared by chance when a few years ago a customer, who was taking one of the wooden boxes apart, muttered to himself, “These are bloomin’ clever boxes.” and the name has stuck!

Ray and Kathy’s customers seem to think this is a fitting description of boxes which are as intriguing on the inside as they are beautiful on the outside.

Ray and Kathy sell their work at quality craft shows up and down the country. Alternatively get in touch for details on how to make a purchase.


Some of our Vanishing Castles and Bloomin’ Clever Boxes available to purchase in our online shop