Temima Crafts make wooden boxes which are beautiful and tactile on the outside and useful and fun on the inside.

A Box is a box is a box! Right? ... Wrong!

Not if it’s a ‘Bloomin’ Clever Box’

There’s so much more to a ‘Bloomin’ Clever Box’ than meets the eye.

Check out the short ‘Bandsaw Box in One Minute’, video on this page to see what we mean. Explore our site and be introduced to the full range of 'Bloomin' Clever Boxes'.

Beautiful, tactile, useful and fun.

Ray & Kathy

Ray and Kathy sell their work at quality craft shows up and down the country. Alternatively get in touch for details on how to make a purchase.

See our venues page for more details. View pricelist.

Bandsaw Box

Bloomin' Clever Boxes

Intricate multi-level
bandsaw cut boxes.

Vaanishing Castle

Vanishing Castles

A piece of wood or a magical
fairy-tale castle?